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The 'twa Eddies
Click on the links below for some stories and some local history from around Edinburgh
German George
Major Pitcairn - A Scot at Bunker Hill

Drummer boys
Fate of SS Persia
Wild Bill Hickock & Crooked-Nose McCall
The Tough Trawler
Nelson and some Sea Stories
Send for Bobs
Scots at the Alamo
David Niven - actor and soldier
A Pingat Jasa Medal
The Titanic disaster - who was to blame?
Five more timeguns and a timeball
The Courteous Courier -updated May08
Passchendaele and a race to the sea
Women's role in the US Civil War
The Knights Templar
The Royal George
Indian Peter
The Laird of Matjiesfontein
Resistance - Fear in the Night
Elsie Inglis,
Scotland’s Florence Nightingale.

Bunga Bunga
The Marine from Mandalay
The Great Lafayette
The Five O'Clock Cocktail
A chase and a tragedy
David's boyhood diary
A Tale of Two Ships
Di Duca Diary
Jingoism from WWI
Medieval Mirrors
Fighting Mac
Jacobite Mist
Case of the clock without hands
Richard Sorge - the spy on a stamp
Walk like an Egyptian
All Passion Spent
A passing post-chaise
1887 - A doctor writes
The battered kite
War Casualties or an arrogant Captain?
A Gentleman's Fashion
Silly Spies - updated 27-07-2006
Battleship G. Averof
 Last Battle on Mainland British Soil
Timegunners remembered
Crime from the 1920's
Something wicked this way comes
Mary De Courci and Newbatte Abbey
Fishermens Fright
Poetry for Burns night and beyond
Liverpool's one o'clock gun
Hong Kong's noon day gun
 Halifax Noon Day Gun
Britannia lococomtives
A seasonal poem
St Petersburg's Time Guns
Tam the Gun
The Man who 'Shot Up' Leith
Lothians and the King
The Gamekeeper Murders
Heroes All
Camp Meg
Women and children at Waterloo
Found in a dustbin
A letter from 1705
The Haddington Linquist
Johnnie Moat's stone and Prestonpans
The Scalinger railings
Remember Hiroshima
13 Sycamore Trees & a Mystic Mound
Dreadnought Chronicles
Mary Celeste
Gorton House - history all around
Autumn calls
The Silent Clearances
Black Dean - Light in Darkness
Some art
The Tragic Trelawny