Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal

Pingat Jasa Malaysia MedalThe Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal was awarded by the Government of Malaysia to British citizens for their services in Malaya between 31st August 1957 and 12 August 1966.

I was just a young man then and my memories have faded somewhat. I remember the sound of helicopters gave me a jolt for years after. The high canopy trees and the monsoons.

Rivers to cross and muddy ridges to climb. Sleepless nights and adrenaline days.

I was with A company the Saints, 40 Commando RM and we arrived at a HQ base. We were unshaven and sweaty and did not fit in with the base ambience.

Eddie and his wife proudly display the Pingat Jasa medalThe huts were splendidly built and some had rows of new books on excellent furniture. It was then I found out this was where our cigarette and beer ration ended up.

I immediately took as many books as I could lay my hands on. Most of them were science fiction.

For months I was thanked many times by those who were given the books to pass around.

On a return date to the HQ base I saw the notice. - Look out for the thieving fighting companies, or word to that effect.

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