Hitler's Children.

Hitler youth membership card found in a dustbinThis Hitler Jugend party card was found in a dust bin in  Austria, later purchased by a local Scot. The aim was to give it to someone who would show it and tell of its effects, and not let it be forgotten.

On  handing it over they quoted Shakespeare: from Julius Cesar.

The evil that men do lives after them.   

When we watch old films of the Hitler regime we see large crowds. Loud stirring music rents the air, fanfares, violent speeches and responding   hurrahs. An army in steel helmets in perfect line and Nazi flags displayed  amidst the hysteria of German National Socialist  propaganda.  The youth of the country is  transformed to a Landser in field grey uniform and have become an integral part  of a war machine.

They are from all parts of the new  Reich and commonly used to taking orders. Ready to  consent to a disciplinarian system, as many already have some practice in the  arts of war. Equipped to follow orders, familiar with weapons and activities out  doors, ready to exploit bullet proof cover.

A mass of men and women reared in  the illusion of an non existent past, and a dream of racial superiority.

Party cardTo be raised in this martial and cultural feeling must  have had aims and consequences that was not in the mind of the participant. An  ordinary boy in formative years would have in many case been attracted to the  Jungstrum Hitler Youth from 1922, which served as a recruiting  base for the SA Storm Troopers often seen in brown shirts.

After a disagreement  with the leadership of thi s organisation Hitler ended its existence and reformed  a second wave of Jungstrum Hitler Youth as ready recruits for his Nazi Party in  an almost limitless supply. The girls were not immune from the party purposes  and formed the Bund Deutscher Maden as a League of German  Girls. (BND).

For the younger they had the opportunity to  join the Deutsches Jungfolk Available to boys and girls between 10 and 14  although some were much younger.

The Austrians reciprocated this plan mainly after the War of Flowers.

During the fore-coming conflict they were sectioned to various public utilities and organisations such as Postal Service, Fire Units. Both of which  were also recruiting sources for the Gestapo. The Armed forces  was the next step for the Hitler Youth and were allowed to form their own units  such as the 1 2th Division Hitler Youth. Youthful soldiers  set against the Allies in some cases caused considerable resistance.

We have  seen pictures on the fall of Berlin when the Russian Army assaulted Berlin,  where part of its defence was held by the Jungstrum Hitler  Youth and Deutsches Jungfolk.

We should  not forget many ordinary people followed the route of patriotism as in any other  country and simply did what was ordinarily required. The attraction of  congregating with your peers in healthy outdoor sports and ac tivates then an  evening of marching through your village or town showing off, then a night of  fire lit singing in similar company can be compulsive to Youth.

The evil than men do lives after them.

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