Placeholder for the jewel-encusted-pisspot stuff

The Jewel-Encrusted 'CHANTIE' Awards

Nominations are invited from the public in the following categories
for Outstanding Actions by Professionals*

The LELANTOS award for client aquisition

The METIS award for advice, planning, cunning, craftiness, and wisdom

The JANUS award for Two-Faced Interaction with a client

The CHRONOS award for Imaginative Billing

The MIDAS award for best useage of Trusts

The HESTIA award for chastity

The BAND of THEBES award for services to diversity

The PENIA award for when charity begins at home

The STYX award for those we miss least

The JEWEL ENCRUSTED PISSPOT CHANTIE award for Arsehole of the Year

* For these awards we have expanded the term professionals to include
Broadcasters, PR flacks, Politicians and Pundits, Advertising
Agencies, Bloggers, Twitterers and Social Media Groupies to the more
usual academic disciplines.